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About KY Meds

KY Meds Inc. is a specialized generic wholesaler servicing compounders, independent retail pharmacies, pharmacy groups and the veterinary industry.

We know that the pharmaceutical market is complex and dynamic, which is why our product catalog is always adjusting to the needs of our customers. With our vast network of suppliers and customers, we are able keep our finger on the pulse of the market to help you save on your purchasing. With variations in cost nationwide, we work tirelessly so that our prices can be aggressive and meet our customers’ demands.

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We are not a full line pharmaceutical distributor but a specialized one. Our goal is to reduce the costs on the products you need in order to make you more profitable.

We know the pressures of purchasing medications can be high and we seek to alleviate them by having a team who works diligently behind the scenes to make sure your orders are handled in a smooth, efficient manner.

We work with manufacturers, and wholesalers throughout the country in order to source the products you need. We understand the complexities involved in running a business which is why we work hard to help you make money on your purchases.

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The Process


Pharmacies will receive weekly emails or faxes from us with our new specials. Customers will have the ability to be able to set up an account to log into our online portal to view our inventory and make purchases.


Customers can order through our online portal, via email, text, fax, or call us to let us know what they need. All we require in order to start helping you out is a copy of your current state license, and a completed customer application.

The inventory will be limited and reflective of the current need in the market. If the items a customer needs are not listed, the customer can put in a request and our team will work hard to locate it for them.


We work with manufacturers, and wholesalers throughout the country in order to source the products you need. Products ship from our warehouse facility 1-2 days after the order has been placed. If faster delivery is needed, please let us know your requirements and we will work to fulfill them.


At KY Meds patient safety and quality assurance is vital. We are fully compliant with DSCSA law and will have your transaction data (t-3s) available at all times for you.

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